September 15, 2010

all-party meet on Kashmir: will it find solutions or end in hogwash?

The solution to Kashmir problem has to be found fast and with full political resolve. The way even the cabinet is divided on AFSPA, the overpowering armed forces law, and on the fate of Omar Abdullah, hectic multi-lateral political parleys must be on in Delhi and Srinagar to find a way out of the mess.

However, somebody must remind the Union Government that a tough stand is not always the best answer to emotional and highly sensitive issues. Government’s flexibility in the all-party meet called today will show whether the government is interested in involving opposition only for the sake of dragging them into the issue [as often is the case] and in furthering the cause of Congress in the state, or is sincere about finding a solution with wider appeal. If the meet fails and generates more cacophony, the blame will lie on the Government and not the opposition.

We the ordinary bystanders are likely to see angry ‘bites’ on TV, of leaders from BJP, PDP and if Omar is to asked to resign, National Conference. Inside, the PM will, with a sad and innocent face, appeal to all his brothers and sisters to eschew violence and to the opposition to help the government in finding solution to a gigantic problem.


  1. The meeting is over with some good noises so far. Let's see whether you prove right or they.

  2. As you said, it would not be able to reach much. Geelani does not want to meet htem. There will be more protests. When security kills 100 people in 104 days, do you expect Kashmiris to talk?