August 14, 2010

why does aamir khan click?

Indian mainstream film industry passes through periods of highs and lows. Of the hundreds of films released every year, only a few are 'box office hits'. Various producers-directors have tried to unravel a formula for success and many have succeeded too by using their own or copied formulae. However, one producer-director-actor stands out in terms of all the three segments: making money, direction and acting. Film after film!

One of the biggest positives in Aamir Khan is that he does not copy. As Aamir has been reported to have said once, his formula is that he has no formula. Not only that, he has a craving to do something new, something differently.

Another big quality of Aamir is he does not hesitate to share his gains. Unlike others, he has not been utter greedy, whether as an actor or as the producer. This keeps the budget low and keeps the distributors happy.

As an actor, Aamir is a perfectionist. The way he puts himself into the role is amazing.

'Last but not the least' as they say, is Aamir's jest for life, his passion. He seems to enjoy making, directing and playing role in films for the hack of it, not for money - not at least when he is on the job. He must definitely be thinking money as a producer, but when he is not in the process. This enjoying the process even more than the end product is, I feel, drives him to do things differently.

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  1. Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan is the bollywood top hero. Perfect in shootings, but very anger.