August 23, 2010

this maths, that maths

International Mathematics Conference is currently going on at Hyderabad and participants have been echoing their sentiment that the interest in pure maths is waning.

It is a fact that the students interested in and good at maths in schools seldom choose pure maths as their subject in higher classes. In fact, the competition to go into good engineerins, medical and other professional colleges is so much that students are not allowed to think beyond a good career. In such an environment, all pure science subjects are the last choice among intelligent boys and girls.

It is also true that we need to supoport research in pure sciences so that they provide a solid base for applied sciences and also help in finding answers to many questions of human existence and beyond. If so, we must give special incentives for study of subjects such as pure mathematics and support fundamental research. This is likely to give rich dividends and pay back investment in the long run, even from economic standpoint.

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