August 28, 2010

facebook topples orkut in India

When we talk of networking, nothing beats internet. Indian internet users are realising that fast and catching up with their counterparts in more net-savvy countries.

According to recent data published by ComScore, Facebook has left Orkut behind in India. Traditionally, Orkut has been the social networking site for Indians. The data has so many restrictions, and as such it is not absolute picture of web usage; however, the trend is quite obvious.

As of July 2010, 39.6 million Indians used internets and out of them 33.2 million used social networking sites. Facebook, which recorded 180% growth in a year, clocked 20.9 million users as compared to Orkut with 19.9 million users. Interstingly, with 17.1 million users, Orkut had topped the list of social networking sites June 2009 while Facebook had only 7.5 million users at that time. The rapid stride by Facebook is likely due to its gaming apps, though Orkut too has introduced new apps. 

But this is happening worldwide: Facebook growing while Orkut stagnating. At least till Google spruces up Orkut with 'Google me', a new platform it is supposed to be developing.

Yahoo Pulse, a new networking platform has over 3.5 million users. Part of this huge usership could be due to its linkage with Yahoo's other sites and also Facebook.

Twitter is expanding in India at a scorching pace. The same source says, there are 3.3 million Twitter users in India, having grown by 239% in a year. India is supposed to have more Twitter users than Australia, Singapore and South Korea, mostly because of sheer population. 

India has the seventh biggest social networking user base after US, China, Germany, Russia, Brazil and UK.

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